List of Accepted Papers

Following is the list of accepted ISIT 2019 papers, sorted by paper title. You can use the search feature of your web browser to find your paper number. Notifications to all authors have also been sent by email. If you have not received your notification of the results by email, please contact us at

1059A Blahut-Arimoto Type Algorithm for Computing Classical-Quantum Channel Capacity
1368A Capacity-Achieving T-PIR Scheme Based On MDS Array Codes
2042A Computation-Communication Tradeoff Study for Mobile Edge Computing Networks
1738A Concentration of Measure Approach to Database De-anonymization
1863A Construction of Traceability Set Systems with Polynomial Tracing Algorithm
1613A Correlation Measure Based on Vector-Valued L_p Norms
1270A Deterministic Algorithm for the Capacity of Finite-State Channels
1454A Direct and Generalized Construction of Polyphase Complementary Set With Low PMEPR
1885A Family of Bayesian Cramer-Rao Bounds, and Consequences for Log-Concave Priors
1173A Fast Node Arrangement Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks for Two-dimensional Constraints
1752A Fundamental Storage-Communication Tradeoff in Distributed Computing with Straggling Nodes
1319A General Upper Bound on Point-to-Point Particle Timing Channel Capacity Under Constant Particle Emission Intensity
1988A Generalisation of Interlinked Cycle Structures and Their Index Coding Capacity
1626A Generalization of the Blackburn-Etzion Construction for Private Information Retrieval Array Codes
1344A Graph-Based Modular Coding Scheme Which Achieves Semantic Security
2047A Group Testing Approach to Random Access for Short-Packet Communication
1415A local perspective on the edge removal problem
2056A Lower Bound on Minimum Distance of Convolutional Polar Codes
1664A Lower Bound on the Error Exponent of Linear Block Codes over the Erasure Channel
1854A Measure of Synergy, Redundancy, and Unique Information using Information Geometry
2114A method to find the volume of a sphere in the Lee metric, and its applications
2076A Method to Improve Consensus Averaging using Quantized ADMM
2004A Modified Min-Sum Algorithm for Quantized LDPC Decoders
1903A New Algorithm for Two-Stage Group Testing
1835A New Design of Private Information Retrieval for Storage Constrained Databases
1359A New Look at an Old Problem: A Universal Learning Approach to Linear Regression
1628A New Permutation Decoding Method for Reed-Muller Codes
2080A New Proof for the Quadratic Gaussian Two-Encoder Source-Coding Problem
1890A New Proof of Nonsignalling Multiprover Parallel Repetition Theorem
1370A Novel Cache-aided Fog-RAN Architecture
1766A Proof of de Bruijn Identity based on Generalized Price's Theorem
1742A Quadratic Field-Size Rate-Optimal Streaming Code for Channels with Burst and Random Erasures
1699A Random Walk Approach to First-Order Stochastic Convex Optimization
1299A Recursive Cost-Constrained Construction that Attains the Expurgated Exponent
1842A Simple Derivation of the Refined SPB for the Constant Composition Codes
1263A Tight Converse to the Asymptotic Performance of Byzantine Distributed Sequential Change Detection
1570A Tunable Loss Function for Binary Classification
2030A Unified Adaptive Recoding Framework for Batched Network Coding
1166A Unified Framework for One-shot Achievability via the Poisson Matching Lemma
1397A Unified Framework of State Evolution for Message-Passing Algorithms
1992A Variational Signal-Space Distance Measure for Nondispersive Optical Fiber
1871Achievable Rate Region for Iterative Multi-User Detection via Low-cost Gaussian Approximation
2022Achievable Rates and Outer Bounds for Full-Duplex Relay Broadcast Channel with Side Message
1656Achieving Vanishing Rate Loss in Decentralized Network MIMO
1744Active Hypothesis Testing: Beyond Chernoff-Stein
1797Adaptive Sequence Phase Detection
1641Adversarial Influence Maximization
1525Age of Information With Prioritized Streams: When to Buffer Preempted Packets?
1202Age-Delay Tradeoffs in Single Server Systems
1759Algebraic Properties of Wyner Common Information Solution under Graphical Constraints
1524Algorithms for Q-ary Error-Correcting Codes with Partial Feedback and Limited Magnitude
2051Almost Exact Analysis of Soft Covering Lemma via Large Deviation
1614An Almost Perfectly Predictable Process with No Optimal Predictor
1687An Analysis of State Evolution for Approximate Message Passing with Side Information
1011An Efficient Algorithm for Capacity-Approaching Noisy Adaptive Group Testing
1234An Elementary Proof of a Classical Information-Theoretic Formula
1620An Inequality Useful for Proofs of Strong Converse Theorems in Network Information Theory
1295An Information Theoretic Approach to Probability Mass Function Truncation
1151An Information Theoretic Interpretation to Deep Neural Networks
1331An Information Theoretic Model for Side-Channel Cryptanalysis
1675An information theoretic model for summarization, and some basic results
1951An Information-Theoretic Explanation for the Adversarial Fragility of AI Classifiers
1944An Information-Theoretic View of Generalization via Wasserstein Distance?
1732An Iterative Algorithm to Optimize the Average Performance of Ergodic Markov Chains with Finite States
1201An Optimal Linear Error Correcting Delivery Scheme for Coded Caching with Shared Caches
1335An Outer Bound on the Expected Distortion of Joint Source-Channel Coding
1240An Upper Bound on the Number of Mass Points in the Capacity Achieving Distribution for the Amplitude Constrained Additive Gaussian Channel
1901An Upper Bound to the Mismatch Capacity
1114Analog error-correcting codes
1426Analysis of Data Harvesting by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1838Anchor-Based Correction of Substitutions in Indexed Sets
1336Application of Complementary Dual AG Codes to Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Codes
1529Approximation algorithms for classical-quantum channel coding
1252Asymptotic Analysis on LDPC-BICM Scheme for Compute-and-Forward Relaying
1410Asymptotic Properties of Recursive Particle Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2143Asymptotics and Optimal Designs of SLOPE for Sparse Linear Regression
1032Asymptotics of Entropy of the Dirichlet-Multinomial Distribution
1946Asymptotics of MAP Inference in Deep Networks
1806Asymptotics of the random coding error probability for constant-composition codes
1818Asynchronous Multi-Sensor Change-Point Detection for Seismic Tremors
1713Attributes of Generator Matrices for Best Finite Blocklength Wiretap Codes
1794AVN-based elimination of short cycles in Tanner graphs of QC LDPC codes
2038Backtracking and Look-Ahead Decoding Algorithms for Improved Successive Cancellation Decoding Performance of Polar Codes
1388Bayesian Quickest Detection of Changes in Statistically Periodic Processes
2007Being correct eventually almost surely
1412Binary Recursive Estimation on Noisy Hardware
1467Biometric Systems with Multiuser Access Structures
1334Blind Unwrapping of Modulo Reduced Gaussian Vectors: Recovering MSBs from LSBs
1607Boolean Functions with Biased Inputs: Approximation and Noise Sensitivity
1403Bounded Single Insertion/Deletion Correcting Codes
1666Bounds on Codes for the Bit-Shift Channel with (d,k)-Constrained Inputs
1149Bounds on the Length of Functional PIR and Batch Codes
1422Breaking HK17 Completely
1038Broadcasting correlated Gaussians and asymmetric data transmission
1245Broadcasting Information subject to State Masking over a MIMO State Dependent Gaussian Channel
1324Broadcasting on Random Networks
1948Byzantine-Tolerant Distributed Coordinate Descent
1288Cache-Aided Two-User Broadcast Channels with State Information at Receivers
1919CAMR: Coded Aggregated MapReduce
1264Capacity analysis of MISO channels with one-bit transceiver
1815Capacity of dynamical storage systems
1291Capacity of Quantum Private Information Retrieval with Multiple Servers
2053Capacity of Single-Server Single-Message Private Information Retrieval with Private Coded Side Information
1313Capacity per Unit-Energy of Gaussian Many-Access Channels
1694Capacity Results for the Noisy Shuffling Channel
1959Capacity Results via Message Merging and Superposition Coding in the $K$-Receiver Broadcast Channel with General Message Sets
1981Capacity Scaling for Fronthaul-limited Cloud Radio Access Networks
1673Capacity-Achieving Coding Scheme for the MAC with Degraded Message Sets and Feedback
1379Capacity-Achieving Private Information Retrieval Codes from MDS-Coded Databases with Minimum Message Size
1994Cascaded Coded Distributed Computing on Heterogeneous Networks
1756Channel Conditions for the Optimality of Interference Decoding Schemes for K-user Gaussian Interference Channels
2127Channel Decoding with Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm
1717Classification in a Large Network
1826Classification of Optimal Ternary (r,\delta)-Locally Repairable Codes Attaining the Singleton-like Bound
1605Closing the Gap for Coded Caching with Distinct File Sizes
1817Cloud-Aided Interference Management with Cache-Enabled Edge Nodes and Users
2101Cloud-Assisted On-Sensor Observation Classification in Latency-Impeded IoT Systems
1571Clustering-Correcting Codes
1598Code Construction for Pliable Index Coding
1814Code Design Principles for Ultra-Reliable Random Access with Preassigned Patterns
1963Coded Caching based on Combinatorial Designs
2059Coded Caching via Projective Geometry: A new low subpacketization scheme
1351Coded Caching with Full Heterogeneity: Exact Capacity of The Two-User/Two-File Case
1672Coded Caching with Heterogeneous File Demand Sets --- The Insufficiency of Selfish Coded Caching
1588Coded Caching with Heterogeneous User Profiles
2130Coded Caching with Small Subpacketization via Spatial Reuse and Content Base Replication
1340Coded Distributed Computing over Packet Erasure Channels
1172Coded elastic computing
1401Coded Federated Computing in Wireless Networks with Straggling Devices and Imperfect CSI
1758Coded MapReduce Schemes Based on Placement Delivery Array
1429Coded Matrix Multiplication on a Group-Based Model
1996CodedSketch: Coded Distributed Computation of Approximated Matrix Multiplication
1877Codes for Covert Communication over Additive White Gaussian Noise Channels
1488Codes for Updating Linear Functions over Small Fields
1618Coding for Deletion Channels with Multiple Traces
1327Coding for Write $\ell$-step-up Memories
1562Community Detection with Side Information via Semidefinite Programming
1500Complexity and Similarity for Sequences using LZ77-based conditional information measure
1034Composable, Unconditionally Secure Message Authentication without any Secret Key
1576Compress-and-Forward via Multilevel Coding
1052Compression of Preferential Attachment Graphs
2026Compressive Sensing with a Multiple Convex Sets Domain
1645Computable Upper Bounds for Unifilar Finite-State Channels
1430Computing the Feedback Capacity of Finite State Channels using Reinforcement Learning
1770Concentration and Tail Bounds for Missing Mass
1476Constrained Communication Over the Gaussian Dirty Paper Channel
1469Constrained de Bruijn Codes and their Applications
1599Construction of Partial Geometries and LDPC codes based on Reed-Solomon Codes
1894Constructions of batch codes via finite geometry
1256Constructions of Two-Dimensional Binary Z-Complementary Array Pairs
1790Constructive spherical codes in 2ᵏ dimensions
1572Context Block Estimation for Random Fields
1084Continuous-Source Fuzzy Extractors: Source uncertainty and insecurity
1980Convergence of Chao Unseen Species Estimator
1769Convergent Dynamics for Solving the TAP Equations of Ising Models with Arbitrary Rotation Invariant Coupling Matrices
1879Convexity and Operational Interpretation of the Quantum Information Bottleneck Function
1840Convolutional Decoding of Polar Codes
1369Convolutional LPDC codes for Distributed Storage Systems
1688Correcting Deletions in Multiple-Heads Racetrack Memories
1543Cost-Aware Learning for Improved Identifiability with Multiple Experiments
1498Countably Infinite Multilevel Source Polarization for Non-Stationary Erasure Distributions
1643Counting Graphs with a Given Degree Sequence: An Information-theoretic Perspective
1956Counting Homomorphisms in Bipartite Graphs
1277Covert Communication Over a Compound Discrete Memoryless Channel
1496Cryptanalysis of a One-Time Code-Based Digital Signature Scheme
1949Data Encoding Methods for Byzantine-Resilient Distributed Optimization
2128Decentralized Massive MIMO Systems: Is There Anything to be Discussed?
1278Decentralized Pliable Index Coding
2085Decision Procedure for the Existence of Two-Channel Prefix-Free Codes
1726Decoding Gabidulin Codes via Partial Inverses of Linearized Polynomials
1286Decoding of Generalized Three-Layer Integrated Interleaved Codes
1857Deep learning and MARS: dimensionality reduction and rates of convergence
1205Deep Learning-Aided Trainable Projected Gradient Decoding for LDPC Codes
1999Degrees of Freedom Region of the (M, N_1, N_2) MIMO Broadcast Channel with Partial CSIT: An Application of Sum-set Inequalities
1448Design of Polar Codes for Parallel Channels with an Average Power Constraint
1073Detecting Changes in Hidden Markov Models
1622Directed Intersection Representations and the Information Content of Digraphs
1306Distributed and Private Coded Matrix Computation with Flexible Communication Load
1129Distributed Compression of Correlated Classical-Quantum Sources
1943Distributed False Discovery Rate Control with Quantization
1908Distributed Matrix Multiplication with Array MDS BP-XOR Codes for Scaling Clusters
1964Distributed Matrix-Vector Multiplication: A Convolutional Coding Approach
1395Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent Using LDGM Codes
1177Divergence Family Attains Blockchain Applications via alpha-EM Algorithm
1928DNN assisted Sphere Decoder
1044Double and Triple Node-Erasure-Correcting Codes over Graphs
1793Double Nearest-Neighbor Error Correcting Codes on Hexagonal Signal Constellation
1239Download and Access Trade-offs in Lagrange Coded Computing
1977Dual Loomis-Whitney inequalities via information theory
2112Duality between source coding with quantum side information and c-q channel coding
1839Dynamic Pricing for Controlling Age of Information
1148Dynamic Programming for Quantization of q-ary Input Discrete Memoryless Channels
1117Efficient and Explicit Balanced Primer Codes
1083Efficient MDS Array Codes for Correcting Multiple Column Erasures
1869Embedding Covert Information on a Given Broadcast Code
1671Energy efficient random access for the quasi-static fading MAC
1540Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Data Compression
1170Entropic Central Limit Theorem for Rényi Entropy
2032Entropy Bound for the Classical Capacity of a Quantum Channel Assisted by Classical Feedback
1405Entropy Bounds for Grammar-Based Tree Compressors
1585Enumeration and Coding of Compact Code Trees for Binary AIFV Codes
1381Equality in the Matrix Entropy-Power Inequality and Blind Separation of Real and Complex sources
1353Ergodic MIMO Mutual Information: Twenty Years After Emre Telatar
1273Ergodic Spatial Nulling for Achieving Interference Free Rates
1775Error Exponents in Distributed Hypothesis Testing of Correlations
1589Error Exponents of Parallel Two-way Discrete Memoryless Channels using Variable Length Coding
1030Error Exponents of Typical Random Codes for the Colored Gaussian Channel
1728Estimating the Maximum a Posteriori Threshold for Serially Concatenated Turbo Codes
2075Evolution Analysis of Iterative BICM Receivers with Expectation Propagation over ISI Channels
1027Exact Channel Synthesis
2028Exact Recovery for a Family of Community-Detection Generative Models
1472Explicit constructions of MSR codes for the rack-aware storage model
1203Explicit Polar Codes with Small Scaling Exponent
1237Exponent Trade-off for Hypothesis Testing Over Noisy Channels
1144Exponential Strong Converse for Successive Refinement with Causal Decoder Side Information
1974Faithful Simulation of Distributed Quantum Measurements with Applications in Distributed Rate-Distortion Theory
1025False-Accept/False-Reject Trade-offs for Ensembles of Biometric Authentication Systems
1875Fast Construction of Almost Optimal Symbol Distributions for Asymmetric Numeral Systems
1595Finding Better Web Communities in Digraphs via Max-Flow Min-Cut
1957Fisher Information for Distributed Estimation under a Blackboard Communication Protocol
1665Fitting ReLUs via SGD and Quantized SGD
1315From Classical to Semi-Quantum Secure Communication
1900From Parameter Estimation to Dispersion of Nonstationary Gauss-Markov Processes
1464Functional Covering of Point Processes
1895Fundamental Limits of Coded Caching: The Memory Rate Pair (K-1-1/K,1/(K-1))
1522Gambling and Rényi Divergence
1934GASP Codes for Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication
1695Gaussian Approximation of Quantization Error for Estimation from Compressed Data
2079Gaussian Graphical Model Selection from Size Constrained Measurements
1777Generalized Alignment Chain: Improved Converse Results for Index Coding
1100Generalized Sphere-Packing Bound for Subblock-Constrained Codes
1230Girth Properties of Time-Varying SC-LDPC Convolutional Codes
1914Global Optimality of Encoders and MSE Decoders for Communicating Unstable Markov Processes over Unstable Gaussian Recursive Models with Feedback: A Nonanticipative RDF Approach
1778Good Stabilizer Codes from Quasi-Cyclic Codes over $\F_4$ and $\F_9$
2070Gradient Coding Based on Block Designs for Mitigating Adversarial Stragglers
1212Graph Learning with Partial Observations: Role of Degree Concentration
2096Greedy additive approximation algorithms for minimum-entropy coupling problem.
1989Guessing random additive noise decoding with soft detection symbol reliability information - SGRAND
1249Hamming Distance Distribution of the 0-reprocessing Estimate of the Ordered Statistic Decoder
2046Harmless interpolation of noisy data in regression
2074Harmonic Coding: An Optimal Linear Code for Privacy-Preserving Gradient-Type Computation
1677High-Dimensional Linear Regression and Phase Retrieval via PSLQ Integer Relation Algorithm
1118How Should we Define Information Flow in Neuroscience?
2054How to Break the Limits of Secrecy Constraints in Communication Networks
1779How to Modify Polar Codes for List Decoding
1847How to Use Undiscovered Information Inequalities: Direct Applications of the Copy Lemma
1828Hypothesis Testing over a Noisy Channel
1864Identification Capacity of Correlation-Assisted Discrete Memoryless Channels: Analytical Properties and Representations
2146Identification, Secrecy, Template, and Privacy-Leakage of Biometric Identification System under Noisy Enrollment
1127Improved bounds and Optimal Constructions of Locally Repairable Codes with distance 5 and 6
1337Improved bounds on Gaussian MAC and sparse regression via Gaussian inequalities
1518Improved Hybrid Design of Polar Codes and Multi-Kernel Polar Codes
1784Improved Iterative Decoding of Product Codes Based on Trusted Symbols
1080Improved iterative decoding of QC-MDPC codes in the McEliece public key cryptosystem
2126Improved MDL Estimators Using Local Exponential Family Bundles Applied to Mixture Families
1322Improved Soft Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes on Gilbert-Elliott Channels
2027Improved Upper Bounds on the Hermit and KZ Constants
2016Improved Veron Identification and Signature Schemes in the Rank Metric
1868In-Band Sensing of the Adversary's Channel for Secure Communication in Wireless Channels
1196Information and Energy Transmission with Experimentally-Sampled Harvesting Functions
1404Information Storage in the Stochastic Ising Model at Low Temperature
1993Information-Theoretic Privacy Watchdogs
1332Interactions Between Learning and Broadcasting in Wireless Recommendation Systems
1844Interactive Channel Capacity is at least 1/20 the Shannon Capacity
1386Interactive Leakage Chain Rule for Quantum Min-entropy
1750Interference Channels with Confidential Messages: Leveraging OFDM Transmission to Scale up Secure Degrees of Freedom with No CSIT
1904INTERPOL: Information Theoretically Verifiable Polynomial Evaluation
1062Interpolation-based Decoding of Nonlinear Maximum Rank Distance codes
1884Invariants and Inequivalence of Linear Rank-Metric Codes
2148Irregular Product Coded Computation for High-Dimensional Matrix Multiplication
1560Iterative Collaborative Filtering for Sparse Noisy Tensor Completion
1199Iterative Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes based on Non-binary Matrices
1830JOBS: Joint-Sparse Optimization from Bootstrap Samples
1384Joint Sampling and Recovery of Correlated Sources
1924Joint Source-Channel Coding for Gaussian Sources over AWGN Channels using Variational Autoencoders
1503Joint Source-Channel Coding for the Multiple-Access Channel with Correlated Sources
1115Joint Source-Channel Coding for the Transmission of Correlated Sources over Two-Way Channels
1542Joint State Sensing and Communication over Memoryless Multiple Access Channels
1428Kerdock Codes Determine Unitary 2-Designs
1774Large Deviations of Typical Random Codes
1187Latency Limits for Content Delivery in a Fog-RAN with D2D Communication
1763LDPC Coded Multiuser Shaping for the Gaussian Multiple Access Channel
1962LDPC Codes for Portable DNA Storage
1820Learned Belief-Propagation Decoding with Simple Scaling and SNR Adaptation
1762Learning Feature Nonlinearities with Regularized Binned Regression
1804Learning to Detect an Odd Markov Arm
1627Linear Permutation Polynomial Codes
1616Linear Programming Bounds for Cardinality and Energy of Codes of Given Min and Max Distances
1932Linearly Convergent Algorithms for Learning Shallow Residual Networks
1153Linear-Time Encoders for Codes Correcting a Single Edit for DNA-Based Data Storage
1812List Decoding of Deletions Using Guess & Check Codes
1301List Decoding Random Euclidean Codes and Infinite Constellations
1105Local Decoding and Update of Compressed Data
1816Local Geometry of Cross Entropy Loss in Learning One-Hidden-Layer Neural Networks
1116Local-Encoding-Preserving Secure Network Coding for Fixed Dimension
2099Locality in Index Coding for Large Min-Rank
1281Locally Repairable Convolutional Codes with Sliding Window Repair
1292Loong: a new IND-CCA-secure code-based KEM
1841Lossless Source Coding in the Point-to-Point, Multiple Access, and Random Access Scenarios
1997Low-degree Pseudo-Boolean Function Recovery Using Codes
1630Lower Bounds for Total Storage of Multiset Combinatorial Batch Codes using Linear Programming
1855Machine Learning at the Wireless Edge: Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent Over-the-Air
2052Manufacturing an Erasure Wiretap Channel from Channel Sounding Measurements
1406Mapping Heterogeneity Does Not Affect Wireless Coded MapReduce
2060Massive Random Access with Common Alarm Messages
1795Maximum Likelihood Tensor Decomposition of Markov Decision Process
1849Mean estimation for entangled single-sample distributions
1459Measuring Quantum Entropy
1211Message and State Communication over Channels with Action Dependent States
1455Message Transmission over Classical Quantum Channels with a Jammer with Side Information, Correlation as Resource and Common Randomness Generating
1452Metrics which turn tilings into binary perfect codes
1318Minimax Regression via Adaptive Nearest Neighbor
2119Minimizing Age in Gateway Based Update Systems
1349Modeling Packet Losses in Communication Networks
2117Moderate deviation analysis of majorisation-based resource interconversion
1631Monotonicity of Entropy in Positively Correlated Ising Trees
2061Multi-Antenna Jamming in Covert Communication
1723Multicasting Energy and Information Simultaneously
1982Multiple Access Channels with Adversarial Users
1755Multi-User UD k-Ary Codes Recursively Constructed from Short-Length Multiary Codes for Multiple-Access Adder Channel
2073Mutual Information as a Function of Moments
1209Mutual Information Estimation: Independence Detection and Consistency
1517Mutual Information for the Stochastic Block Model by the Adaptive Interpolation Method
2008Nearly Sharp Restricted Isometry Condition of Rank Aware Order Recursive Matching Pursuit
1320Near-optimal Repair of Reed-Solomon Codes with Low Sub-packetization
1512Near-Optimal Zero Correlation Zone Sequence Sets from Paraunitary Matrices
1088Network Coding Solutions for the Combination Network and its Subgraphs
1648New Converses for the Relay Channel via Reverse Hypercontractivity
1122New Regenerating Codes over Binary Cyclic Codes
1594New Sum-Rate Capacity Results for Multi-User Interference Channels
1186New Uniform Bounds for Almost Lossless Analog Compression
1602No Feedback, No Problem: Capacity of Erasure Broadcast Channels with Single-User Delayed CSI
2064Non-asymptotic Coded Slotted ALOHA
1169Non-Asymptotic Fundamental Limits of Guessing Subject to Distortion
1721Non-Malleable Codes against Active Physical Layer Adversary
1140Non-Negative Matrix Factorization via Low-Rank Stochastic Manifold Optimization
2072Numerically Stable Polynomially Coded Computing
1929On (2n/3-1)-Resilient (n,2)-Functions
1760On Byzantine Distributed Sequential Change Detection with Multiple Hypotheses
1822On Coded Caching with Correlated Files
1057On Coding Over Sliced Information
2069On Construction of Polar Subcodes with Large Kernels
1505On D2D Caching with Uncoded Cache Placement
1639On Decentralized Power Control for Ergodic MIMO Multiple Access Channels
1546On Decoding and Applications of Interleaved Goppa Codes
1232On Decoding Random-Access SC-LDPC Codes
1329On Deletion/Insertion of Zeros and Asymmetric Error Control Codes
1284On Dual Codes in the Doob Schemes
1856On Epsilon-MSCR Codes for Two Erasures
1734On Error Exponents Under A Privacy-Preserving Voting Regime
1552On Estimation under Noisy Order Statistics
1022On Exact and ∞-Renyi Common Informations
1916On Fractional Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes
1772On Index coding for Complementary Graphs with focus on Circular Perfect Graphs
1612On Isotopic Shift Construction for Planar Functions
1507On Multi-Cell Uplink-Downlink Duality with Treating Inter-Cell Interference as Noise
1603On Multiterminal Communication over MIMO Channels with One-bit ADCs at the Receivers
1132On Optimal Locally Repairable Codes with Super-Linear Length
1650On Polar Coding for Binary Dirty Paper
1881On Simple Scheduling in Half-Duplex Relay Diamond Networks
1089On Stochastic Orders and Fading Gaussian Multi-User Channels with Statistical CSIT
1181On the Access Complexity of PIR Schemes
1266On the Algorithmic Solvability of the Spectral Factorization and the Calculation of the Wiener Filter on Turing Machines
2082On the Analysis of Energy-Distortion Tradeoff for Zero-Delay Transmission over Gaussian Broadcast Channels
1162On the Bias of Directed Information Estimators
1098On the Capacity of Gaussian Multiple-Access Interference Channels
1733On the Capacity of Leaky Private Information Retrieval
1330On the Capacity of Sampled Interference-Limited Communications Channels
1724On the Capacity of the Flash Memory Channel with Inter-cell Interference
1782On the Capacity Scalability of Line Networks with Buffer Size Constraints
2152On the Complexity of Computing the Shannon Outer Bound to a Network Coding Capacity Region
1990On the Complexity of the 3XORSUM Problem
1549On the Computational Complexity of Blind Detection of Binary Linear Codes
1018On the Conditional Smooth Renyi Entropy and Its Application in Guessing
1533On the Connectivity of Inhomogeneous Random K-out Graphs
1156On the Convergence of the Polarization Process in the Noisiness/Weak-* Topology
1905On the CVP for the root lattices via folding with deep ReLU neural networks
1813On the Degrees of Freedom of the Oversampled Wiener Phase Noise Channel
1214On the Distance Between the Rumor Source and Its Optimal Estimate in a Regular Tree
1051On the Error Probability of Optimal Codes in Gaussian Channels under Maximal Power Constraint
1479On the Fundamental Limits of Multi-user Scheduling under Short-term Fairness Constraints
1709On the I/O Costs in Repairing Short-Length Reed-Solomon Codes
1372On the Importance of Asymmetry and Monotonicity Constraints in Maximal Correlation Analysis
1911On the Maximum Number of Codewords of X-Codes of Constant Weight Three
1661On the Minimum Delay of Block Interleaver for Batched Network Codes
1035On the Most Informative Boolean Functions of the Very Noisy Channel
1651On the Multicast Capacity of Full-Duplex 1-2-1 Networks
1538On the Mutual Information of Two Boolean Functions, with Application to Privacy
1768On the Non-Adaptive Zero-Error Capacity of the Discrete Memoryless Two-Way Channel
1635On the Number of Bins in Equilibria for Signaling Games
1568On the Optimal Delay Amplification Factor of Multi-Hop Relay Channels
1773On the Optimal Input of the Nondispersive Optical Fiber
1257On the Optimal Reconstruction Degree of Fractional Repetition Codes
1155On the Polarization Levels of Automorphic-Symmetric Channels
1347On the Polarization of R\'{e}nyi Entropy
1735On the Price of Source Anonymity in Heterogeneous Parametric Point Estimation
1983On the question of the best additive noise among symmetric log-concave noises
1366On the Robustness of Noisy ACE Algorithm and Multi-Layer Residual Learning
1126On the size of pairwise-colliding permutations
1927On two-fold packings of radius-1 balls in Hamming graphs
1287One-Bit ExpanderSketch for One-Bit Compressed Sensing
1492One-Shot Perfect Secret Key Agreement for Finite Linear Sources
2120One-Shot Randomized and Nonrandomized Partial Decoupling
1076Online Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Timely Information Downloads in Mobile Networks
1810Online Learning with Diverse User Preferences
1947ON-OFF Privacy with Correlated Requests
1781Operational Equivalence of Distributed Hypothesis Testing and Identification Systems
1513Opportunistic Topological Interference Management
1221Optimal Age over Erasure Channels
1523Optimal coded caching under statistical QoS information
1771Optimal Index Codes for Some Interlinked Cycle Structures with Outer Cycles
1685Optimal k-Deletion Correcting Codes
1376Optimal Mechanism for Randomized Responses under Universally Composable Security Measure
1243Optimal Multiple Assignment Schemes Using Ideal Multipartite Secret Sharing Schemes
1311Optimal Multiplexed Erasure Codes for Streaming Messages with Different Decoding Delays
1161Optimal Privacy-Utility Trade-off under a Rate Constraint
1520Optimal Resource Allocation for Cellular Networks with Joint Decoding over Virtual Cells
1072Optimal Scalar Linear Codes for a Class of Jointly Extended Groupcast Index Coding Problems
1113Optimal Secure GDoF of Symmetric Gaussian Wiretap Channel with a Helper
1309Optimal Streaming Erasure Codes over the Three-Node Relay Network
1527Optimality of the Plug-in Estimator for Differential Entropy Estimation under Gaussian Convolutions
1509Optimal-Rate Characterisation for Pliable Index Coding using Absent Receivers
1786Optimizing Bounds on the Classical Information Rate of Quantum Channels with Memory
1712Orthogonal Precoder for Integer-Forcing MIMO
1087Overlapping Multi-Bandit Best Arm Identification
1462Packet Efficiency of BATS Coding on Wireless Relay Network with Overhearing
2133Pareto Optimal Schemes in Coded Caching
1917Perfect Codes in Euclidean Lattices: Bounds and Case Studies
1935Permutation Code Equivalence is Not Harder Than Graph Isomorphism When Hulls Are Trivial
2081Permutation Recovery from Multiple Measurement Vectors in Unlabeled Sensing
1228Permutation-based Decoding of Reed-Muller Codes in Binary Erasure Channel
1220Phase Transition in Mixed 𝓁₂/𝓁₁-norm Minimization for Block-Sparse Compressed Sensing
1825Polar Codes for the Deletion Channel: Weak and Strong Polarization
1325Polar Coding for Common Message Only Wiretap Broadcast Channel
1079Polar Coding for Parallel Gaussian Channels
1532Polynomial Linear System Solving with Errors by Simultaneous Polynomial Reconstruction of Interleaved Reed-Solomon Codes.
1356Polynomial-time Capacity Calculation and Scheduling for Half-Duplex 1-2-1 Networks
1350Practical Functional Regenerating Codes for Broadcast Repair of Multiple Nodes
1700Predicate Privacy and List Privacy for a rho-Recoverable Function
1711Privacy Against Brute-Force Inference Attacks
1231Privacy Amplification, Lossy Compression, and their Duality to Channel Coding
2062Private Computation with Side Information: The Single-Server Case
1120Private Information Retrieval from Decentralized Uncoded Caching Databases
1702Private Information Retrieval from Heterogeneous Uncoded Caching Databases
1348Private Information Retrieval from Locally Repairable Databases with Colluding Servers
1194Private Information Retrieval from Non-Replicated Databases
2063Private Inner Product Retrieval for Distributed Machine Learning
2020Private Polynomial Computation for Noncolluding Coded Databases
1017Private Polynomial Computation from Lagrange Encoding
1197Private Proximity Retrieval
1966Private Secure Coded Computation
1837Private Shotgun DNA Sequencing
1558Probabilistic Forwarding of Coded Packets on Networks
1979Procedure for Identifying Odd-sized Nucleotide Sequences as Codewords of BCH Codes over GF(4)
1975Profile-based Privacy for Locally Private Computations
1236Progressive Module Minimization for Re-encoding Transformed Soft Decoding of RS Codes
1788Proof of Two Conjectures on Error Exponents for Asynchronous Multiple Access Channel
2025Properties of Scaled Noncommutative Rényi and Augustin Information
1704Provable Subspace Tracking with Missing Entries
1586Proving Erasure
1823Pseudocodeword-based Decoding of Quantum Stabilizer Codes
1557Publicness, Privacy and Confidentiality in the Single-Serving Quantum Broadcast Channel
1250Puncturing and Shortening for Polar Codes via the Partial Order by Binary Domination
1902Quantized Mechanisms for Gaussian Multiple Access Wiretap Channels
2031Quantizing Signals for Linear Classification
1378Quantum Coding via Semidefinite Programming
1593Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes for Correcting Multiple Phased Bursts of Erasures
1458Quasi-static fading MAC with many users and finite payload
1425Querying Policies Based on Sparse Matrices for Noisy 20 Questions
1811Queue Management for Age Sensitive Status Updates
1893Quickest Detection of a Moving Target in a Sensor Network
1596Quickest Search for a Change Point
1819Rateless Codes for Distributed Computations with Sparse Compressed Matrices
2100Rate-Memory Trade-off for Multi-access Coded Caching with Uncoded Placement
1563Rates of Adaptive Group Testing in the Linear Regime
1936Real-time Binary Posterior Matching
1739Reconstruction of Sequences in DNA Storage
1741Recovery of Structured Signals From Corrupted Non-Linear Measurements
1574Recursive projection-aggregation decoding of Reed-Muller codes
1224Reduce Transmission Delay for Caching-Aided Two-Layer Network
1764Reduced Complexity Index Codes and Improved Upperbound on Broadcast Rate for Neighboring Interference Problems
2121Reduced complexity window processing of binary polarization kernels
1548Reed-Solomon Codes over Fields of Characteristic Zero
1896Refinement of Massey Inequality
1416Relaxed Locally Correctable Codes in Computationally Bounded Channels
1514Relaying One Bit Across a Tandem of Binary-Symmetric Channels
2045Remarks on Rényi versions of conditional entropy and mutual information
1168Rényi Entropy Power Inequalities of Order $r \in (0, 1)$ for s-concave Densities
1805Repeat-Free Codes
1624RLS-Based Detection for Massive Spatial Modulation MIMO
1316Robust Gradient Descent via Moment Encoding and LDPC Codes
1565Robustness of Maximal α-Leakage to Side Information
1262Saddlepoint Approximations for Noncoherent Single-Antenna Rayleigh Block-Fading Channels
1706Sample Complexity Bounds for Low-Separation-Rank Dictionary Learning
1882Sample-Measurement Tradeoff in Support Recovery Under a Subgaussian Prior
1515Scalable Automated Proving of Information Theoretic Inequalities with Proximal Algorithms
1130Scalable Information Flow Analysis of Secure Three-Party Affine Computations
1338Scalable Network-Coded PBFT Consensus Algorithm
1604Scheduling to Minimize Age of Synchronization in Wireless Broadcast Networks with Random Updates
1725Searching for Highly Nonlinear DPA-Resistant Balanced Boolean Functions in the Rotation Symmetric Class
1124Second-Order Asymptotically Optimal Statistical Classification
1317Second-Order Characterizations via Partial Smoothing
1976Secret key distillation over a pure loss quantum wiretap channel under restricted eavesdropping
1578Secret Key Generation via Pulse-Coupled Synchronization
2001Secure Broadcasting of Two Encrypted Sources under Side-Channel Attacks
1354Secure Determinant Codes: A Class of Secure Exact-Repair Regenerating Codes
1697Secure Estimation under Causative Attacks
1216Secure list decoding
1248Secure Multiterminal Source Coding With Actions
1569Secure Network Coding in the Setting in Which a Non-Source Node May Generate Random Keys
1014Security Analysis of Compressed Encryption With Sparse Matrices Against Chosen Plaintext Attacks
1053Semi-Finite Length Analysis for Secure Random Number Generation
1106Sequence-Subset Distance and Coding for Error Control for DNA-based Data Storage
2109Sequential anomaly detection with observation control
1387Sequential Change Detection Based on Universal Compression for Markov Sources
1389Set-Codes with Small Intersections and Small Discrepancies
1487Shallow Neural Network can Perfectly Classify an Object following Separable Probability Distribution
1848Shannon Capacity is Achievable for a Large Class of Interactive Markovian Protocols
2029Shared Randomness in Arbitrarily Varying Channels
1461Simple Codes and Sparse Recovery with Fast Decoding
1305Simultaneous transmission of classical and quantum information under channel uncertainty and jamming attacks
1258Single-Error Detection and Correction for Duplication and Substitution Channels
2058Single-Server Multi-Message Individually-Private Information Retrieval with Side Information
2138Single-Server Single-Message Online Private Information Retrieval with Side Information
1642Slice Sampling for Lattice Gaussian Distribution
1583Solving linear inverse problems using generative models
2087Some Enumeration Problems in the Duplication-Loss Model of Genome Rearrangement
1063Source resolvability problem with respect to a certain subclass of f-divergence
2068SPARCs and AMP for Unsourced Random Access
2135Sparse Covariance Estimation from Quadratic Measurements: A Precise Analysis
1539Sparse Non-Negative Recovery from Shifted Symmetric Subgaussian Measurements using NNLS
1970Spatial Soft-Core Caching
1393Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes via Partial Superposition
1399Spectral Bounds for Quasi-Twisted Codes
1891Speeding up decoding a code with a non-trivial automorphism group up to an exponential factor
1504Speeding Up Distributed Gradient Descent by Utilizing Non-persistent Stragglers
1420Stabilizer codes from modified symplectic forms
2009State Estimation via Worst-Case Erasure and Symmetric Channels with Memory
1207Statistical Learning Aided Decoding of BMST Tail-Biting Convolutional Code
1099Status from a Random Field: How Densely Should One Update?
1707Steganography Protocols for Quantum Channels
1261Stein's Lemma for Classical-Quantum Channels
1267Stochastic Decision with Stationary Memoryless Sequence
2036Strengthened Information-theoretic Bounds on the Generalization Error
2150Strong Chain Rules for Min-Entropy under Few Bits Spoiled
1028Strong Converse for Hypothesis Testing Against Independence over a Two-Hop Network
1582Structure Learning of Similar Ising Models: Information-theoretic Bounds
1419Structured Coding for Authentication in the Presence of a Malicious Adversary
1314Subadditivity Beyond Trees and the Chi-Squared Mutual Information
2097Subspace Coding for Coded Caching: Decentralized and Centralized Placements Meet for Three Users
2012Successive Cancellation Decoding of Polar Codes for Insertion/Deletion Error Correction
1968Successive Refinement to Caching for Dynamic Content
1745Symbolwise MAP for Multiple Deletion Channels
1300Symmetric Private Information Retrieval with Mismatched Coded Messages and Randomness
1206Synthesizing Differentially Private Datasets using Random Mixing
2040Systematic Construction of MDS Codes with Small Sub-packetization Level and Near Optimal Repair Bandwidth
1998Systematic Matrix Multiplication Codes
2095Tail redundancy and its characterizations of universal compression
1910Task-Based Quantization for Recovering Quadratic Functions Using Principal Inertia Components
1866Teaching and learning in uncertainty
1872The Asymptotic Complexity of Coded-BKW with Sieving Using Increasing Reduction Factors
1254The Capacity of Count-Constrained ICI-Free Systems
2134The Capacity of Multi-round Private Information Retrieval from Byzantine Databases
1824The Capacity of Private Sequential Computation
1134The Capacity Region of the Arbitrarily Varying MAC: With and Without Constraints
1198The CEO Problem with rth Power of Difference Distortion
1260The Complete Hierarchical Locality of the Punctured Simplex Code
1776The Degraded Gaussian Many-Access Wiretap Channel
1873The Degrees of Freedom of MIMO Relay under Coherence Diversity
1345The Dirty Paper Wiretap Feedback Channel with or without Action on the State
2091The Discrete-Time Poisson Optical Wiretap Channel with Peak Intensity Constraint
1508The Encoding and Decoding Complexities of Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Stabilizer Codes
1969The Exact Capacity-Memory Tradeoff for Caching with Uncoded Prefetching in the Two-Receiver Gaussian Broadcast Channel
1119The F_M-linear Complexity of M-ary Sidel’nikov Sequences of Period p−1 = f ·M^λ
1926The Geometry of Community Detection via the MMSE Matrix
1783The Group Restricted Isometry Property for Subgaussian Block Diagonal Matrices
1192The Hat Guessing Number of Graphs
2122The Interplay Between Block Design and Channel Estimation in VLC Systems
1564The Interplay of Causality and Myopia in Adversarial Channel Models
1154The Levenshtein's Channel and the List Size in Information Retrieval
2055The Optimal Power Control Policy for an Energy Harvesting System with Look-Ahead: Bernoulli Energy Arrivals
1238The punctured Dodecacode is uniformly packed
1653The Rate Distortion Test of Normality
1965The Symmetric Capacity of the $K$-Receiver Interleaved Broadcast Channel with Symmetric Side Information
1226Throughput Scaling of Covert Communication over Wireless Adhoc Networks
1244Tightening Mutual Information Based Bounds on Generalization Error
1736Timely Coded Computing
1037Time-universal data compression and prediction
1689Towards a non-stochastic information theory
1950Towards an Algebraic Network Information Theory: Distributed Lossy Computation of Linear Functions
1865Towards an Extremal Network Theory – Robust GDoF Gain of Transmitter Cooperation over TIN
2039Towards Jointly Optimal Placement and Delivery: To Code or Not to Code in Wireless Caching Networks
1834Towards Theoretically-Founded Learning-Based Denoising
1577Tradeoff Between Delay and High SNR Capacity in Quantized MIMO Systems
1026Trading off Weak-Noise Estimation Performance and Outage Exponents in Nonlinear Modulation
2092Tree Gradient Coding
1380Turing Computability of the Fourier Transform of Bandlimited Functions
1375Two-Stage Guessing
1634Undetectable Radios: Covert Communication under Spectral Mask Constraints
1165Undirected Unicast Network Capacity: A Partition Bound
1253Unifying the Brascamp-Lieb Inequality and the Entropy Power Inequality
1831Unique Information and Secret Key Decompositions
1470Universal D-Semifaithfull Coding for Countably Infinite Alphabets
1510Universal Learning of Individual Data
1233Universal Polarization for Processes with Memory
2094Universal Privacy Guarantees for Smart Meters
1183Universal Randomized Guessing with Application to Asynchronous Decentralized Brute-Force Attacks
1719Universally Decodable Matrices for Distributed Matrix-Vector Multiplication
1431Universally Sparse Hypergraphs with Applications to Coding Theory
1346Unrestricted Generalized Column Distances: A wider definition
1801Untrusted Caches in Two-layer Networks
1394Update Bandwidths for Distributed Storage
1955Updates with Multiple Service Classes
1283Using algebraic structures to improve LDPC code reconstruction over a noisy channel
1915Using Erasure Feedback for Online Timely Updating with an Energy Harvesting Sensor
1836Using Quantization to Deploy Heterogeneous Nodes in Two-Tier Wireless Sensor Networks
1640Variable-length Coding Error Exponents with Noisy Feedback for the AWGN Channel at Zero-Rate
1071Variable-length compression and secrecy by design
1473Vector Gaussian Successive Refinement With Degraded Side Information
1502Weakly-Private Information Retrieval
1609Weight Enumerating Function, Number of Full Rank Sub-matrices and Network Coding
1229Weights which respect support and NN-decoding
1074When a Heavy Tailed Service Minimizes Age of Information
1852When are large codes possible for AVCs?
1536Whittle Index Policy for Multichannel Scheduling in Queueing Systems
1889Wiretap Secret Key Capacity of Tree-PIN
1493Wyner's Network on Caches: Combining Receiver Caching with a Flexible Backhaul
1374Zero Correlation Zone Sequences from a Unified Construction of Perfect Polyphase Sequences