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Paper Title Optimal Secure GDoF of Symmetric Gaussian Wiretap Channel with a Helper
Paper IdentifierMO4.R9.3
Authors Jinyuan Chen, Louisiana Tech University, United States; Chunhua Geng, Nokia Bell Labs, United States
Session Gaussian Wiretap Channels
Location Pontoise, Level 5
Session Time Monday, 08 July, 16:40 - 18:00
Presentation Time Monday, 08 July, 17:20 - 17:40
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Abstract We study a symmetric Gaussian wiretap channel with a helper, where a confidential message is sent from a transmitter to a legitimate receiver, in the presence of a helper and an eavesdropper. For this setting, we characterize the optimal secure generalized degrees-of-freedom (GDoF). The result reveals that, adding a helper can significantly increase the secure GDoF of the wiretap channel. The result is supported by a new converse and a new scheme. In the proposed scheme, the helper sends a cooperative jamming signal at a specific power level and direction. In this way, it minimizes the penalty in GDoF incurred by the secrecy constraint. In the secure rate analysis, the techniques of noise removal and signal separation are used.