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Paper Title On Decentralized Power Control for Ergodic MIMO Multiple Access Channels
Paper IdentifierTU1.R6.2
Authors Chirag C Shetty, Kamal Singh, Sibi Raj B Pillai, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
Session Wireless Communications II
Location Sorbonne, Level 5
Session Time Tuesday, 09 July, 09:50 - 11:10
Presentation Time Tuesday, 09 July, 10:10 - 10:30
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Abstract In a coherent time-varying MIMO multiple access channel (MAC), the ergodic sum-capacity can be achieved by suitable power control, which adapts the transmit covariance matrices based on the available channel state information (CSI). We consider a MIMO-MAC model where each transmitter is only aware of its own fading realization. For this distributed MAC, we propose decentralized power control schemes. First, some key structural properties on the optimal power control laws are derived, followed by an upper bound on the sum-capacity. Numerical results show that the proposed power control schemes closely characterize the sum-capacity in several regimes of interest.