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Paper Title Coded MapReduce Schemes Based on Placement Delivery Array
Paper IdentifierFR4.R6.4
Authors Vinayak Ramkumar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India; P. Vijay Kumar, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India and University of Southern California, United States
Session Streaming and Coding
Location Sorbonne, Level 5
Session Time Friday, 12 July, 16:40 - 18:00
Presentation Time Friday, 12 July, 17:40 - 18:00
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Abstract The coded MapReduce framework introduced by Li gives a method to tradeoff extra computation for reduced communication, in-order to speedup operations for which communication is the bottleneck. Recently, Konstantinidis and Ramamoorthy demonstrated that reducing the number of subfiles required in coded MapReduce at the cost of a slightly higher communication load is beneficial for certain problems. The placement delivery array (PDA), introduced by Yan , is a structure used to develop coded caching schemes with small sub-packetization. In the present paper, we use PDA to come up with a method to construct coded MapReduce schemes which require smaller number of subfiles. This method gives a way to tradeoff between the number of subfiles and the communication required. We also address the problem of mitigating the impact of slow servers at the map phase on the reduce operations of normal servers.