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Paper Title A method to find the volume of a sphere in the Lee metric, and its applications
Paper IdentifierTU2.R2.4
Authors Sagnik Bhattacharya, Adrish Banerjee, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
Session Network Coding II
Location Saint Germain, Level 3
Session Time Tuesday, 09 July, 11:40 - 13:00
Presentation Time Tuesday, 09 July, 12:40 - 13:00
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Abstract We develop general techniques to bound the size of the balls of a given radius $r$ for $q$-ary discrete metrics, using the generating function for the metric and Sanov's theorem, that reduces to the known bound in the case of the Hamming metric and gives us a new bound in the case of the Lee metric. We use the techniques developed to find Hamming, Elias-Bassalygo and Gilbert-Varshamov bounds for the Lee metric.