Technical Program

Session Detail

Session Title TU1.R8: Codes for Privacy and Wiretap Channels
Session Time Tuesday, 09 July, 09:50 - 11:10
Location Conseil, Level 5
Session ChairSuhas Diggavi, University of California, Los Angeles

TU1.R8.1: ON-OFF Privacy with Correlated Requests
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Carolina Naim; Rutgers University
         Fangwei Ye; Rutgers University
         Salim El Rouayheb; Rutgers University

TU1.R8.2: A Graph-Based Modular Coding Scheme Which Achieves Semantic Security
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         Moritz Wiese; Technical University of Munich
         Holger Boche; Technical University of Munich

TU1.R8.3: Attributes of Generators for Best Finite Blocklength Coset Wiretap Codes over Erasure Channels
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         Willie K. Harrison; Brigham Young University
         Matthieu R. Bloch; Georgia Institute of Technology

TU1.R8.4: Proving Erasure
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         Xavier Coiteux-Roy; Università della Svizzera italiana
         Stefan Wolf; Università della Svizzera italiana