Technical Program

Session Detail

Session Title TU2.R3: Estimation II
Session Time Tuesday, 09 July, 11:40 - 13:00
Location Monge, Level 3
Session ChairMatthew Reyes, Independent Researcher and Consultant

TU2.R3.1: Binary Recursive Estimation on Noisy Hardware
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Elsa Dupraz; IMT Atlantique, Lab-STICC, UBL
         Lav Varshney; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

TU2.R3.2: Trading off Weak-Noise Estimation Performance and Outage Exponents in Nonlinear Modulation
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Neri Merhav; Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

TU2.R3.3: Asymptotic Properties of Recursive Particle Maximum Likelihood Estimation
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Vladislav Tadic; University of Bristol
         Arnaud Doucet; University of Oxford

TU2.R3.4: Optimality of the Plug-in Estimator for Differential Entropy Estimation under Gaussian Convolutions
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Ziv Goldfeld; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Kristjan Greenewald; IBM Research
         Jonathan Weed; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Yury Polyanskiy; Massachusetts Institute of Technology