Technical Program

Session Detail

Session Title WE1.R3: Regression and Estimation
Session Time Wednesday, 10 July, 09:50 - 11:10
Location Monge, Level 3
Session ChairLifeng Lai, University of California, Davis

WE1.R3.1: High-Dimensional Linear Regression and Phase Retrieval via PSLQ Integer Relation Algorithm
 Click here to download the manuscript
         David Gamarnik; Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Harvard University
         Eren C. Kizildag; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

WE1.R3.2: Improved MDL Estimators Using Local Exponential Family Bundles Applied to Mixture Families
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Kohei Miyamoto; Kyushu University
         Andrew Barron; Yale University
         Jun'ichi Takeuchi; Kyushu University

WE1.R3.3: Minimax Regression via Adaptive Nearest Neighbor
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Puning Zhao; University of California, Davis
         Lifeng Lai; University of California, Davis

WE1.R3.4: Learning Feature Nonlinearities with Regularized Binned Regression
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Samet Oymak; University of California, Riverside
         Mehrdad Mahdavi; Pennslyvania State University
         Jiasi Chen; University of California, Riverside