Technical Program

Session Detail

Session Title FR3.R7: Relay Channels
Session Time Friday, 12 July, 14:30 - 16:10
Location Bièvre, Level 5
Session ChairMartina Cardone, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

FR3.R7.1: On the Optimal Delay Amplification Factor of Multi-Hop Relay Channels
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         Dennis Ogbe; Purdue University
         Chih-Chun Wang; Purdue University
         David J. Love; Purdue University

FR3.R7.2: Achievable Rates and Outer Bounds for Full-Duplex Relay Broadcast Channel with Side Message
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         Kaiming Shen; University of Toronto
         Reza K. Farsani; University of Toronto
         Wei Yu; University of Toronto

FR3.R7.3: Asymptotic Analysis on LDPC-BICM Scheme for Compute-and-Forward Relaying
 Click here to download the manuscript
         Satoshi Takabe; Nagoya Institute of Technology
         Tadashi Wadayama; Nagoya Institute of Technology
         Masahito Hayashi; Nagoya University

FR3.R7.4: Relaying One Bit Across a Tandem of Binary-Symmetric Channels
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         Wasim Huleihel; Tel Aviv University
         Yury Polyanskiy; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
         Ofer Shayevitz; Tel Aviv University